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Hi Admin,
Thank you for your response. Actually I expected this resopnse from the autotrader’s support team as they are providing their mail address [email protected] for any inconvinience.I have sent them many mails to them.I have recently signed up on 5th september 2015 and I am using 3 months free signals.
I have opened the brokers account in porterfinance through autotraders platform, the SpotID: 14887 which is now changed to 539311.If my auto trades are not placed in brokers platform the broker account is of no use to me because I actually have no time to trade manually.More over if I opened a new account I have to invest more funds right now in another platform.So It would be favourable to me if my porterfinance account is updated in autotraders platform.

Thanking you

Prashant Also Commented

Winning Binary Signals Autotrader Pro
I signed up with autotrater-pro and registered with porterfinance in the autotrader platform.trades were placed for some days.Then I got a mail from the broker that my account is upgraded.There after I noticed that the auto trades are continued but these are not updated in the brokers platform.I found no open trades and expired trades in the brokers account.I am still sending mails to autotrader-pro but there is no response.

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