Bitcoin Robot24 Review – New Software 2018

Bitcoin Robot24 Review

Many experts are predicting that sometime later this year, Bitcoin is going to hit a new all time high. The last all time high was in December 2017, when the price of Bitcoin hit $20,000! Some experts believe based on various developments that have already transpired this year and others to come, Bitcoin could go as high as $50,000 later this year! Now not all of us have the vast resources necessary to invest in expensive mining operations or even to just purchase and hold large quantities of Bitcoin. So how else can we position ourselves to take advantage of a new Bitcoin boom with limited resources?

Bitcoin Robot24 is a newly launched automated cryptocurrency trading software product that is creating waves in the industry. The software is being offered at a very special launch price of $17 for a very limited period of time. It is expected that it may very quickly sell for a much higher price after the launch. A money back guarantee is also being offered via JVZoo so there is absolutely no reason not to give this product a try.

Bitcoin Robot24 is a solution for those with some appetite for risk but little trading skill to get involved in leveraged crypto trading. Bitcoin Robot24 gives traders with little or no experience, an edge compared to trading completely on their own. Traders with a bit more experience can tweak the flexible settings in order to fine tune their individual strategies.

It is our understanding that many years of experience garnered from professional cryptocurrency traders went into the algorithm on which Bitcion Robot24 is based. We actually purchased the product and tested it and got quite satisfactory results. No, it won’t turn a small investment into a huge fortune overnight but it does produce small gains on a consistent basis.

Bitcoinrobot24 software box

BitcoinRobot24 Features

Setting up the software is a breeze. No download or installation is required since BitcoinRobot24 is a cloud based. After you have made your purchase, you will be taken to a page where you will be required to enter your name, email address, phone number and chosen password to create an account in the membership area.

Once you are in the membership area, you will be required to make a deposit to start trading. There is no demo trading feature but in our experience demo accounts in general tend not to produce the same results as live accounts in any case for a variety of reasons. Furthermore, this is not a case where you need to learn to trade since the software will make the tough decisons for you.

Once you are set up there are various parameters that you can tweak if you are an experienced trader. If you are not, we recommend that you leave the default settings as they are. The only parameters we changed were under “Currencies”. We turned off the other currencies and focused on trading “Bitcoin” only. Since the software is newly launched, we have only been testing it for a short time. So far we have seen modest gains on our balance. Nothing dramatic but hopefully over time the small gains will accumulate into something substantial.

In Summary

At the moment Bitcoin Robot24 only costs $17 and there is a money back guarantee, so giving it a try is a no-brainer. Also bear in mind that the price is likely to go up very soon. So if you wait to give this a try, you may find yourself paying a much steeper price. Based on performance so far, we give this product a thumbs up!

Price will increase so act quickly
Money Back Guarantee


Updated: July 30, 2018 — 1:57 pm

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