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Crypto Coins Bot Review

Crypto Coins BotGoing by its name, you can probably guess what Crypto Coins Bot is all about – providing an automated professional quality cryptocurrency trading platform. And after taking a look at what this company is offering, it’s hard to deny that it does not live up to its ambitious name.

Automated trading makes it easy to use this crypto robot; and its partnerships with leading brokers and the ability to offer trading flexibility truly speaks of a signal provider that is at the top of its game.

This signal provider uses advanced algorithms and a combination of reliable technical forex indicators to generate high quality cryptocurrency trading signals to help its clients make money from this market. Setting up Crypto Coins Bot is pretty easy, and some of the features available through this company’s site are the first of their kind in the market.

Crypto Coins Bot Features

Crypto Coins Bot has plenty of features; and below are the most notable. Some of the features you will see are not common in the industry. However, some features are more common, but the way CryptoCoinsBot implements them makes them worth a mention.

High Win Rate

On average, Crypto Coins Bot wins 80% of the trades placed. Anyone with an intimate understanding of this industry will easily understand that this is an achievable figure. Many signal providers exaggerate their abilities to win with their strategies; but CryptoCoinsBot does not.


Some signal services expect you to take whatever trading settings they offer; which means you will not get a chance to fine-tune the parameters to your liking. So, if you are someone who hates giving up control even as you enjoy the wonders of automated trading, Crypto Coins Bot will be one of the best ways you can trade the markets on your own terms.

You can even turn off the automatic trading feature completely if you like. You can utilise a huge multiplicity of flexible signal combinations when using this cryptocurrency signal provider. Additionally, you can manage your money in 3 different ways. With this power in your hands, you can bring in a strategy you like, automate it, and make yourself some
Crypto Coins Bot

Many Technical Indicators Supported

The algorithm that generates the signals provided by Crypto Coins Bot works with 6 different indicators – CCI, MACD, RSI, Trend, Williams %R, and the Stochastic Indicator. You get to choose which indicator(s) you want used to generate the trade signals to effected on your trading account.

Proper Money Management Options Provided

No trading plan is complete without proper money management; and Crypto Coins Bot certainly understands this. In fact, it provides three money management options; and you will get to pick one based on your
aversion to risk.

The Conservative money management system is a classic risk management methodology. With this strategy, fixed amounts are staked during trading.

Then there is the Martingale system. This money management method is intended for people with a higher risk appetite since this is a progressive form of trading.

Finally, the signal provider has the Fibonacci system. The amount staked by the bot in this case will depend on how you are winning or losing.


You Can Work with the Best Brokers

When it comes to automated cryptocurrency trading, your choices with regard to brokers can be a little limited. But not with Crypto Coins Bot. Many leading cryptocurrency brokers are supported including CySec regulated 24option.
24option Logo
Some cryptocurrency signal providers out there are just more or less fronts to get you to sign up with rogue brokers who will eventually take away your money. So, the fact that Crypto Coins Bot links you to reputable  brokers is a good indication that this company is legit.

How to Join Crypto Coins Bot

Membership at this cryptocurrency trading signal servicecomes easy. You just need to provide your name, email, an account password and a phone number to get started. This process should take a minute or so.

Payment and Fees

Once your Crypto Coins Bot account has been set up, you can go ahead and make a deposit with one of of the affiliated brokers. The minimum you can deposit is $250.

The company does not charge any fees for its services. It gets a commission for making its visitors sign up with any of the supported brokers.

In Summary

Cryptocurrency trading signals services like Crypto Coins Bot don’t come around often. The industry is riddled with scams and mediocre operators not worth a moment of your time. But Crypto Coins Bot is a welcome exception.

This signal service uses advanced algorithms to generate highly accurate signals with the help of the most reliable indicators and money management techniques in the industry. So yea, CryptoCoinsBot is something you can try if you want to enjoy automated cryptocurrency trading and get it right straight away.



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