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Daweda Exchange is one of a kind trading platform. It’s seminal concept was the elimination of brokers from the trading process. In fact, Daweda Exchange goes as far as describing itself as a significant improvement on your average broker, both binary and forex; and I was hard pressed to disagree.

And it’s for one reason, you will be trading directly with other traders, which completely eliminates the conflict of interest that comes with the broker also juggling the role of a market maker.

At Daweda Exchange, it is you against the other traders on the platform. The exchange is only there to ensure this happens on a safe and secure platform, for a small fee of course.

Daweda goes over and beyond to give you a truly rewarding trading exchange by providing 24/7 trading and small contract sizes on a platform that is regulated by the Cypriot regulator, CySEC.

There are other perks as well. They include better payouts, low transaction fees, and monthly cash backs based on trading activity. But the advantage that towers above all others is without a doubt its free Auto-Trading System (ATS).

Daweda Exchange Automated Trading System (ATS)

As brilliant as Daweda’s trading concept is, this company has really outdone itself with its ATS system. For lovers of automated trading, and there are countless of them nowadays, this is what makes using Daweda’s services truly worthwhile.

Rather than sit with your eyes glued to your screen, you can set up an automated trading account and let the robot do the trading on your behalf as you go about your other businesses. And since this trading system is provided in-house, it is incredibly reliable and surprisingly easy to set up.

Actually, to use the ATS, all you need is to choose your trading preferences and you are good to go. The system is also completely free of charge, which means that you will have practically no excuse for not using it. And you don’t have to worry about monthly charges either – there aren’t any.

How to Activate the ATS
Sellers of automated trading systems throw around the phrase “no experience needed” a lot when describing their trading systems. But in the case Daweda’s ATS, these worlds actually hold real value.

Setting up the ATS takes six simple steps that even people with little trading experience can understand with ease. When setting the ATS, you can decide how much trading you will permit yourself to be involved with each day based on number of contracts or number of trades.

You will also have an opportunity to decide if to use a trend-based strategy or even a reversal strategy. The other preferences will involve deciding at what points to take a profit or stop your losses based on your bankroll percentage. The last option lets you decide which financial assets are to be traded using the ATS.

Once you have made these choices, your other option will be to click on Submit, and your automated trading will become live.

Daweda Exchange ATS Features
Besides allowing you to take breaks away from your trading screen, the automated trading system being offered by Daweda comes with other great perks. For one thing, it will help you control your trading behavior much more easily.

Therefore, succumbing to emotional trading will not be a problem once you have this automated trading system up and running – the system’s risk management parameters will let you know when you have already attained your daily limits so that you can step back and relax.

As mentioned earlier, the ATS has two trading strategies, which should give you enough options to trade in all kinds of markets. The trend-based strategy should prove quite handy in stable markets, while a reversal strategy might pay off better in volatile markets.

Money management is also something you will not struggle with once you make the decision to use the ATS. You can control how much daily profit you can take, and how much loss your account can handle in any single trading day.

So, even when you are away from your computer for the entire day, you should have a rough idea of how the account will look like after a day of automated trading, regardless of whether you had a good or a bad trading day.



To Sum Up

As a fan of automated trading systems, and innovative trading concepts, you have probably seen a lot. But what Daweda is offering is quite unique; and all for the right reasons.

In addition to coming up with a trading concept that increases the payout rates to well beyond what any binary or forex broker can hope to offer, these guys have also created a remarkable automated trading system that is sure to make you fall in love with robotic trading all over again.


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  1. Reading this article, I must add that I was initially skeptical about robots (or bots) doing the trading and so removing the human aspect. Yet how Daweda Exchange Traded System seems like a very reliable bot and as such, I might consider using it when trading Binary Options.
    Yet in my personal experience of using few bots in the past, I can say that whilst automated trading software programs can help, they can never truly replace, but really only aid, the human trader.
    Thanks for sharing your info though.

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