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Thanks to Exchange Traders, Nadex traders now have a reliable live trading room. From Monday through Thursday, Exchange Traders offers rewarding trading sessions to its members. The system promises to strive to end each trading week in a profit; and by the look of things, the service has been been successful in honoring this promise. Here is a closer look at what this trading system has in store for you should you decide to give it a try.

A Review Of Exchange Traders Nadex Signals

With Exchange Traders as the first fully-fledged trading service for Nadex, the only CFTC regulated binary options outfit in the U.S., it has certainly earned the attention of many binary options traders. The platform offers live trading sessions. But what makes it stand out the most is the fact that it offers support for the unique trading features offered by Nadex. Essentially, Exchange Traders focuses on short and medium term moves on the forex and index markets.

The Live Trading Sessions

Users of Exchange Traders get a chance to watch a live trading session offered through HD video on every trading day. Through this live stream you can see what the professional at Exchange Traders is doing and how they are arriving at the final trade decision.

The trades executed during these live sessions are the very same ones that are copied to the traders’ accounts. Explanations are also offered so that you understand every move being made as it happens. This clearly demonstrates how confident the creators of this system are about the trading strategy they are offering; which is good for traders keen on protecting their money.

Half An Hour Of Trading

The trading sessions last for just half a hour – from 9:00 AM EST to 9:30 AM EST from Monday to Thursday. This might not seem like much, but with the right strategy, it is enough time to make a neat profit from your trading. This makes this trading service ideal for those doing binary options trading as a side hustle.

High Win Ratio

In addition to having a goal of ending each week in profits, Exchange Traders is also able to get a win ratio of more than 70%. So, you can rest assured that the promise of huge profits offered by the creators of this program is absolutely real. Other than that, the service recommends a risk of about $60 per contract.

A Great Q&A Session

Exchange Traders also provides a daily Q&A session. During these sessions, you can ask any questions you have about the service or the trading being done on the platform.

What Does It Cost?

The Exchange Traders service goes for $99 for the first month. Subsequent months cost $149. This might seem steep, but keep in mind that there are no hidden costs and that it is the only live trading service that specifically supports traders using the Nadex platform.

How To Get Started

Signing up with Exchange Traders is quite easy. After that, you will have to link your Nadex account to the trading service and then settle the subscription fee to benefit from the trading services being offered on this platform.

Support and Trader Education

You can get in touch with Exchange Traders support through a contact form on the site. The responses are usually offered within a few hours. You can also raise your queries during the live Q&A session. Unfortunately, no other options are available as far as contacting support is concerned.

But luckily, the available support options are pretty reliable. There is not much in the way of trader education either, but the information on the site’s home page and the video about the service have enough information for traders who already know what to expect of their binary options trading.


It may be currently less than a year old, but Exchange Traders has certainly hit the road running as far as trading systems go. Because of its great trading system, professional support services, and proven results, this trading system has already won itself a solid following among Nadex traders.

So, if you trade binary options using the Nadex platform, Exchange Traders is definitely worth a shot. And if the testimonials on the site are anything to go by, you will be in good hands with the guidance of Exchange Traders’ Nadex Signals.

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