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On January 17, 2017 IQ Option Closed the IQ Robots Project

For some time, binary options broker IQ Option has been at the center of attention in the binary options world for the wide array of innovative features it has to offer. In recent months, it is IQ Option’s new robot trading feature: IQ Robots that’s the subject of many headlines. The IQ Robots service makes it possible for traders to make use of robotic trading employing an in-house solution.

In the past, you had to use some other robot trading service to trade binary options on IQ Option’s platform. This process was fraught with unbelievable risks, in no small part because many of the companies trying to link your IQ Option account to provide algorithmic trading services had devious agendas.

Robots have proven themselves the ultimate solution for traders who need to protect themselves from the devastating emotions that often cost them their entire trading account balance. Robots use algorithms to generate trading signals, enter into trades, and close them when the trade when specified criteria have been attained.

The IQ Robots feature has proven to be wildly popular, despite being in existence for just a few months. At the time of this writing, there are nearly 150,000 robots on the platform and the number is constantly growing.

IQ Robots Advantages & Features

100% Free!
IQ Robots are free, and that’s more than you can hope for, for robots of this quality. In most cases, high quality robots, especially those that offer customization options, usually cost quite a bit. So, for all its amazing qualities, the fact that IQ Robots does not cost a dime is without a doubt one of its best features.

Totally Transparent
With some robot signal services, you never truly know what you are getting into. This is mostly because you will often have to just sit back and have the signal provider handle the trading on your behalf. That’s an awful lot of power to give up if you want to succeed as a trader, particularly when you consider that many of these robot trading companies have something to gain from your losses.


Actually, you will get better than just customization features – you can build your own robot from the ground up. So, if you already have a manual trading system you are comfortable sticking to, all you need to do is to transfer your trading strategies to the robot and put it to work.

Robot Creation Wizard
You will not need to be a pro with years of experience in creating trading robots to create a robot using IQ Option’s robot trading feature. The company has a tutorial on how to create a robot, as well as a wizard that makes this process a bliss. You will even get some strategies you can try as you trade, including the Piercing Pattern and others. At the same time, if you have the advanced skills to create a robot from the ground up, you also have the robot Constructor to work with.

Testing Mode
In the end, you can only be comfortable with your trading robot after it has proven itself successful after comprehensive tests. Using historical data, you can test every parameter in your trading IQ trading robot and ensure that it is working properly before using it for live trading.

A Great Choice of Robots
If you have no idea how to create your own robot, you don’t have to shy away from IQ Robots. You can go there and choose a robot from the great selection that the IQ Robots catalog offers. IQ Options has designed its system such that when a trader creates a good robot, it can be available for subscription to other users. And even then, you will not get stuck with whatever this list of robots has to offer, you can tweak it a little bit to suit your needs according to your preferred risk exposure and other factors.

Tournament Opportunities
IQ Robots also offers tournament opportunities, and that means getting big wins. Although you have to hold a real account to quality, you can take home up to $3,000 if you land the first position. There are rewards for the second and the third positions as well.






IQ Option is one of the best binary options brokers in the world today; no question about it. And with its IQ Robots feature, this company has again outdone itself and gifted its many customers with a robot trading feature that has few equals. IQ Robots makes robotic binary options trading easier than it has ever been before. Because this trading system is in-house, it is free and also very transparent.

Additionally, due to its incredible opportunities for customization, IQ Robots can serve advanced users very well. And for the newbies who wouldn’t know where to begin as far as creating a robot is concerned, IQ Robots lets traders choose one of the already created robots being offered there.

And the best part is that you will get access to all the successful robots; and that should make your chances of profitable trading with IQ Option much better. So, for that elusive no-strings attached binary options robot trading experience, IQ Option’s offering is where it’s at.


Updated: March 12, 2018 — 12:09 am

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