MarketsGear Review


MarketsGear Review

MarketsGear is a free binary options signals service that is becoming quite popular with traders. The company continuously works towards delivering the best trading experience to users, providing accurate signals across the principal markets. MarketsGear offers real-time binary options signals and has gained the reputation of being an extremely reliable service. Currently, the company has a following of thousands of satisfied traders from across the globe. In order to gain access to the platform, one has to simply register an account then make a deposit with one of their recommended brokers. Now I now that this model is widely employed by scammers, getting you to deposit with a broker to earn a referral commission. However, you need not fear being lead astray with MarketsGear, which is a genuine service not in partnership with any unscrupulous brokers. They do in fact offer a wide range of reputable brokers that work with their platform. MarketsGear is also a service that intends to be around for the long-term, so their reputation and the satisfaction of their users is of utmost importance to them.

Here is a detailed review of MarketsGear to help you gain a deeper insight into the service:

Trading MarketsGear Signals

MarketsGear is an advanced web-based platform providing real-time binary options trading signals. It was developed on cutting-edge technology that makes it stand out from other similar services. The platform allows investors to find trading opportunities that they may not have been able to find on their own. The trading signals are extremely accurate and have some of the highest winning rates in the industry with an average ITM of over 80%.

The platform utilizes an advanced algorithm to create highly accurate binary options signals. Account registration is completely free but you will have to make a deposit before you can gain access to the signals.

Signals are normally generated at the atart of each hour as long as the markets are still open. However, timing can at times fluctuate based on what is happening in the markets. In general each batch of signals will include signals for 5 to 10 different assets. Three different time-frames are available for the binary options signals produced by MarketsGear – 15 minutes, 30 minutes and 1 hour. Once a signal is released, the trader can place that trade within a 5 minute window. As signals are quite time-sensitive, the forecasts may change considerably quite quickly.

MarketsGear Review

MarketsGear mobile SignalsAlong with the expiry, an asset, a direction (PUT or CALL) and probability of success is provided for each signal. The highest probablity signals are 5 stars. As part of your strategy for trading the signals you may for example decide to take only signals with a probability of 4 stars or higher. It is also a good idea, to specialize just in signals with timeframes and assets that suit your trading taste and not try to profit from every possible signal. In taking this approach you will also develop a better understanding of how certain assets behave and a greater understanding of the markets in general. Since the signals are algorithmic and not based on fundamental analysis, it is also advisable to avoid trading at times of high volatility caused by news releases. You can bookmark and monitor the economic calendar provided on this site for info where this is concerned.

If you need to trade on the go, MarketsGear facilitates mobile trading and offers a free Android App.

Assets and Fees

The company offers trading signals for a number of asset types including popular currency pairs, global indices, precious metals and stocks of giant multinational corporations. Signals on indices include UK100, DE30, JP225, US500, US30, STOXX50, AUS200 and SWI20, whereas for currency pairs you have GBP/USD, USD/CHF, USD/CAD, NZD/USD, EUR/JPY, AUD/CAD. The huge range of assets allows the investor to take advantage of the continuously changing environment of the worldwide markets. One can obtain multiple trading signals each day in real-time that are provided completely free of cost, with the added benefit of zero commissions, fees or additional charges.

Customer service

MarketsGear offers web-based customer service on their site, thereby making it quite easily accessible. Although, it is very convenient to contact the signal provider around the clock, one thing that may prove to be a drawback for some is that the support is currently only available in English.


Undoubtedly, MarketsGear provides newbie traders a platform quite helpful for trading and making the most out of global market conditions. Also, enabling experienced traders to keep a close watch on the markets with an extra set of eyes is another plus for this binary options signal provider. The ease of use, efficient support and the availability of a variety of trading strategies, enables users of MarketsGear to look at the markets in ways they may not have on their own. It can be rightly concluded that MarketsGear is an amazing tool when it comes to binary options signals trading.


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