Hello admin please help me as i m a beginner …

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hello admin please help me as i m a beginner to binary option i want to know that is it a right decision that i am considering winning binary signals auto trader pro after reading your site and other websites reviews and my country which is India where very few signal services and software are available right now,
also please tell me that how and where can i find the right time to trade and how to know about major news announcements or events that can affect our trading results especially when trading through auto trader,(do you recommend to trade through auto trader during news or events OR not)???
please explain…
thanks in advance.

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OptionsClick Review
Thanks admin but i saw many reviews about virtnext and all of the above on many websites and they are really positive ,like i saw on trustedbinaryreviews.net and binaryoptionschannel.com .
Trustedbinaryreviews.net is recommending trend-trader as their favourite software .

OptionsClick Review
Thanks for your so early reply ,when i tried to signup with virtnext ,mikes auto trader, trend-trader ,google trader and some other reputable auto traders they showed me same error that my email address already exist but i never registered with them so i tried with different email ids but all of them lead to the same error so what should i do??

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