The Original Binary Option Robot Review

Binary Option Robot Review


Binary-Option-RobotWith no prior trading knowledge, or the need to keep your eyes glued to currency charts looking for trading opportunities, you could make a fine profit from your binary options trading, all thanks to Binary Option Robot. This automatic trading software, established in 2013, promises high win rates using a highly profitable and fully automated strategy. Of late, there has been an increase in the number of trading robots for the binary options markets, but Binary Option Robot may be in a class of its own for the unique features it brings to the table. Here’s a closer look at what Binary Option Robot can give you.


Binary Option Robot Features

High Win Rates
In binary options trading, or any other form of trading for that matter, the all-important factor is winning. Binary Option Robot has you covered in this regard with its 83% average win rate. What this means is that after you sign up and activate the automated trading feature, you can expect your account to grow steadily every day.

Use Of Proven Trading Strategies
With Binary Option Robot, you will have the chance to use three different trading systems, all of which cater to a particular trading style. If you value security over all else, you will have the option of using the Classic System, where you trade in the same amount all through.

On the other hand, if profitability is your highest priority, you can use the Martingale System. Finally, if you prefer accuracy you can use the Fibonacci System, which alters the amount invested in a trade depending on whether you have won or lost your last trade. The robot also makes use of six technical trading signals – MACD, RSI, the Stochastic Oscillator, Williams %R, Commodity Channel Index, and the Trend Indicator.

Full Automation
Some of the trading “robots” out there are not truly automated, and you still have to intervene after signals are generated by making the trades yourself. Happily, this is not the case with Binary Option Robot. This software will generate the signals and open the trades by its own.

A Very User-Friendly Platform
Making use of Binary Option Robot is child’s play. After a quick sign up, all you need to do is activate the auto trade feature and you are good to go. So, you should not worry about signing up for this trading service and then not being able to exploit its benefits because of a tedious and confusing linkup process to your account with the broker. Besides, the company also offers a trial account, albeit with limited features.

Furthermore, the trading platform is pretty easy, and even novice traders will not have a problem making it work in their favor. For one, the system has an auto trading ON/OFF button. By clicking ON, the system will open trades automatically; and by clicking OFF, you will get the signals and you can choose to open them manually. The platform also displays links for making deposits and withdrawals, a table for all active trades, as well as a table for your most recent trades.

As deceptively simple as this trading software is, it is also quite versatile. To begin with, it can work with Windows, MAC, iPhone, Android, and other operating systems. Furthermore, it can support binary trading for both short-term and long-term options. In fact, it can handle trades lasting for just 60 seconds.

In addition, it can be used with up to four brokers simultaneously.  Even US traders, typically left to watch the action from the sidelines in these cases due to their country’s stringent regulatory landscape, can make full use of Binary Option Robot. You can also trade in 8 different currency pairs.


How To Sign Up

Opening an account with Binary Option Robot only requires a few personal details. Then you will have to proceed to open an account with your preferred broker using the Binary Option Robot interface. The robot will then sync with the account you have opened with the broker and then you are all set.

You should note that the robot will not link with an existing account with the supported brokers. That means you will have to open an account through Binary Option Robot for it to work with this trading software.

Binary Option Robot Recommended Settings

It is best to avoid short term signals such as 60 seconds and five minutes since these are less predictable. 15 minute, 1 hour or longer expiries are far more reliable.

Trading System
If your initial deposit is minimal ($250-$1,000) then you should use only the Classic System and one trade at a time. To take advantage of the Fibionacci or Martingale systems and/or multiple simultaneous trades, you will need to start with a larger deposit.

The MACD and RSI are the two most accurate indicators and you should employ at least one of these in any setup that you choose. The more indicators you use, the more accurate but less frequent your signals are likely to be.

The Binary Option Robot allows you to create signals on up to 8 currency pairs. However, if you want to minimise your risk, we recommend that you start by focusing on the EUR/USD pair.
Binary Option Robot Settings
When To Trade
It also a very good idea to avoid autotrading during major news releases.

Customer Support

Binary Option Robot offers very good customer support. Any concerns you might be having about this binary options trading system can be addressed promptly, you just need to fill out a contact form on the site and await their response. The site also offers multilingual support. The supported languages are English, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish, and German.

Is It Worth The Trouble?

Say what you will of binary options trading robots, but Binary Option Robot has done its homework. Besides creating a sleek trading robot backed by an easy-to-use interface, the company has also used an ironclad signal generation process to ensure some of the highest win rates in the industry.

Even if this robot initiates you into the turbulent binary options markets, you will love every moment of your trading all due to an effective trading robot with the capacity to do all the grunt work on your behalf. In practically every imaginable way, Binary Option Robot is the ideal choice for traders seeking the best the industry can offer at the moment as far as automatic trading systems are concerned, whether beginners or seasoned pros.



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  1. I am interested in the robot but my country is not supported any other way out.Thanks

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    1. What country are you in?

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    2. Have you tried signing up on the platform using broker: TropicalTrade?

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  2. I have tried this. Your own decisions regrading particular indicators does have an impact. I can’t tell you that this is a guaranteed way to win but you do need to do your own research into the markets yourself. However, I do have to say, binary option robot has worked for me as a very useful tool.

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